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Add soup or house salad for $2.95 or Caesar for $3.95

$20.95* *starch can be substituted Bayou Scampi

A back-country favorite. Eight prawns sautéed in garlic, Cajun spices, beer and worcestershire sauce served with red beans and rice.

$20.95 Scampi

Eight prawns sautéed in garlic white wine and capers finished with garlic herb butter.

$20.95 Beer Battered Prawns

Eight prawns butterflied in Dingus Derringer beer batter, served with Dingus cocktail sauce.

$14.95 Fish and Chips

Alaskan cod in Dingus Derringer beer batter served with Sidewinder fries and coleslaw.

$20.95 Skuna Bay Cedar Plank Salmon

Vancouver Island craft-raised salmon, skin on, baked on a cedar plank and brushed with our rustic spice olive oil, finished with preserved lemons.


Add soup or salad for $2.95 or Caesar for $3.95

$23.95 Cajun Seafood Fettuccine

Prawns, Bay scallops, crawfish tails and fresh fish of the day, andouille sausage tossed in a spicy Cajun cream sauce sinished with parmesan cheese and green onions.

$23.95 Seafood Fettuccine

Prawns, Bay shrimp, Bay scallops and fresh fish of the day in a rich blend of garlic, butter, cream and parmesan cheese.

$11.95 Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine tossed in a rich blend of butter, cream, garlic and parmesan cheese.

$13.95 Add to your pasta: Grilled Chicken $3.95 Five Grilled Prawns $6.95 Farmhouse Pasta

Artichoke hearts, roasted beets, roasted corn, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and garlic tossed in a garlic olive oil sauce topped with basil tapenade.


Served with season vegetables and your choice of baked potato, garlic mashed potatoes or rice pilaf. Add sautéed mushrooms to any steak for $3.95 or five prawns $6.95. Add soup or house salad for $2.95 or Caesar for $3.95.

$25.95 Saloon Steak

House cut New York steak, grilled to perfection, topped with sautéed mushrooms and green onions in our Dingus whiskey sauce.

$23.95 The Nugget

New York steak grilled and dusted with our house seasoning then finished with garlic herb compound butter.

$22.95* *starch can be substituted. Dirty Dingus

Dingus steak medallions rubbed in Cajun spice and blackened in a cast iron skillet, smothered in crawfish Étouffée sauce and served with red beans and rice.

$20.95 Bistro Steak

Broiled Bistro finished with peppercorn and red wine demi.

Regular Cut (12oz.) $22.95 House-Smoked Prime Rib

Slow smoked with our special blend of hard woods. Weekend special. Limited availability.

$29.95 Topping Choices: Gorgonzola Crumbles $1.95, Gorgonzola Cabernet Demi Glaze $3.95, Gorgonzola Cream Sauce $3.95 Filet Mignon

A grilled bacon wrapped filet mignon.

$27.95 Roadhouse Ribeye

Classic rib, hand rubbed with our house seasoning, finished with clarified butter.

$25.95 Pepper Steak

Cracked pepper crusted New York, pan seared with onion, garlic, mushrooms, peppers and applewood bacon in a sherry demi-glaze.


$10.95 The Sonoma

Mixed greens with romaine, carrots, cabbage, Gorgonzola, walnuts, cranberries, green apples and cucumber with walnut raspberry vinaigrette.

$14.95 Voodoo Salad

Grilled Cajun spice and honey rubbed prawns, mixed greens with romaine, plantain chips, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, peppers and coconut with mango vinaigrette.

$13.95 Dingus Sesame

Mixed greens with romaine, carrots, cabbage, mandarin segments, green apples, crispy won-tons, almonds, cucumber and grilled chicken breast with sesame dressing.

$13.95 Big Cobb

Mixed greens with romaine, carrots, cabbage, chicken, Gorgonzola, egg, applewood bacon, avocado, cucumber, tomatoes and olives.

$10.95 Add chicken - $3.95 Five Prawns $6.95 Caesar

Romaine, house baked croutons, Parmesan crisp and classic Caesar dressing.

$8.95 Dingus Soup

Our daily creations Roadhouse Bowl. Stew, Gumbo and Jambalaya. Ask about current creations.

$9.95 Wedge Salad

Oversized wedge of Iceberg lettuce, black peppered bacon, pear tomato and Gorgonzola crumbles with Blue Cheese dressing.


Served with seasonal vegetables and your choice of baked potato, garlic mashed potatoes or rice pilaf. Add soup or salad for $2.95 or Caesar for $3.95 (Chowder on Fridays)

$15.95 Chicken Picatta

Sautéed chicken breast with garlic, white wine, lemon and capers; finished with garlic herb butter.

$15.95 BBQ Pork Ribs

St. Louis ribs house smoked then simmered in Dingus BBQ sauce. Roll up your sleeves, this could get messy.

$15.95 Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Chicken

Sautéed chicken breast with a sun-dried tomato pesto, artichoke hearts, mushrooms and feta served with grilled grits.

$13.95 Sizzling Vegetable Ragu

Grilled portabella mushrooms, zucchini, squash, eggplant and bell peppers. Served over marinara and finished with balsamic reduction, extra virgin olive oil and crispy grits.

$14.95 Brandy Beef Tips

Sautéed beef tips in a rich brandy peppercorn cream sauce over mashed potatoes.


Our burgers are 1/2 pound of Certified Angus beef grilled the way you like it. Served with lettuce onion tomatoes and pickle on a brioche bun. Add cheese for $1.00, avocado $1.00, onion rings $1.00 or applewood bacon for $2.00. Served with our Roadhouse fries. Substitute Sidewinder fries add $1.00, garlic fries add $2.00 or onion rings add $2.00.

$11.95 The Ol’ Number 7

Topped with sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions and Jack cheese.

$10.95 Vegetarian Portabella Burger

Grilled and marinated portabella mushroom, bell peppers, eggplant and squash with raspberry chipotle aioli on a brioche bun.

$11.95 Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Grilled chicken topped with cucumber slices and our casabi ranch dressing on a brioche bun.


$12.95 Cajun Popcorn

Crawfish tail meat in a spicy corn batter. Served with Cajun ketchup.

$10.95 Calamari

Tubes and tentacles rice floured and fried, served with raspberry chipotle aioti.

$7.95 Bacon Skins

Crispy potato skins, applewood bacon, mushrooms, cheese, and green onions.

$9.95 Thai Lettuce Cups

Iceberg lettuce and grilled chicken glazed in Mae Ploy sweet chile sauce. Rice with Ponzu citrus sauce, Thai peanut sauce and chili oil topped with crispy won tons.

One Pound $9.95 Roadhouse Wings

House smoked with your choice of sauce. Cajun, BBQ, Dingus Gold and Dingus Carolina Reaper Red. Served with celery.

$10.95 Grilled NOLA Shrimp

Four grilled voodoo glazed shrimp on top of fried green tomatoes and crispy grits served on our house made Cajun ketchup.

$9.95 Stuffed Portabella

Filled with artichoke heart, tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil pesto, then baked and dressed with a balsamic reduction and extra virgin olive oil.

$9.95 Nacho Fries

Battered Sidewinder fries tossed with cheese sauce, beef, jalapeños, olives and green onions, drizzled with an avocado sour cream and lime sauce.